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Johnny Mulhair

Johnny Mulhair

The Inside Scoop

I have known Johnny for about 30 years now. The Nashville Music Row Magazine named him one of the Top Ten guitarists in the country. I have the personal experience to verify... they are correct. I am writing this bio quite frankly because you would be hard pressed to pry this interesting background and history of his talents from Johnny.

The Apple Glass Cyndrom

Back in 1969 Johnny played in a rock band called Apple Glass Cyndrom. They released a single record with a couple of excellent songs. "Someday" and "Going Wrong" were instant regional hits. The words were burned into my brain because the radio station played them every 8 minutes. These songs are still in demand and have amassed a strong following in the UK.


If you were to ask a local "What about ol' Mulhair?" you would most likely get the response "He's one heck of a guitar picker". But there is much more to his story. With Norman Petty Studios right in our own back yard Johnny has had the opportunity to play with some legendary musicians. The 60's Legends The Fireballs (Sugar Shack, Bottle of Wine) Buddy Knox, the Coasters, to name a few, as well as touring with LeAnn Rimes, Chicago, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, America and others.

The Studio

After years of performing, spinning knobs in Norman Petty Studio and owning a music shop for a while Johnny finally started acquiring the gear and desire to establish his own studio. With the help of his wife Jill they created Johnny Mulhair Recording Studio. His talents were regionally very well known but this changed when a gentleman brought his eleven year old daughter to visit with Johnny about recording an album. That girl was LeAnn Rimes and the album was "Blue". After album sales went platinum (8 times) many more people found out what we local folks have known all along. Johnny Mulhair is "one heck of a picker" and he's not too bad at putting together a recording session either.

Mike Davidson